Big Island Writers’ Workshop – Boston

When and Where

I look forward to seeing you in Boston, on April 7th and 8th for two one-day writers’ workshops. (April 7th is just for women, and April 9th is co-ed.) The workshops begin at 10 am and end at 6:00 pm. Lunch is included. You can write for one day, or two! (Specific locations TBA.)
Back Story Since I began this workshop in Hawaii, in 2012,  over 200 Big Island women (and a few good men) have formed a beautiful circle of writers who gather to spend the entire day connecting to their authentic writing voice. Since then, the workshop has moved to LA, Boston, and Carmel. With workshops being added in other cities. In Boston we write in two locations: Winthrop — on the ocean, and in a theatre in Boston, on the campus of BU.
What to Expect
In all the workshops we write on our own, using prompts that I give, and then we come together to share our stories and speak back each other?s words. It has been a profoundly moving experience for me, and I continue to marvel at the words that are written and shared in these workshops. The writing of each individual informs the group, and as a result the collective writing becomes stronger and goes deeper as the day goes on, and this has been the case at every workshop. This is not a technical how-to writing workshop and there is no critique of the work; we write to connect to our stories and share them with other writers. Many of the writers are published authors, others are writers who journal and/or blog, and then there are writers who have the desire to write but have not yet found an outlet. We write by hand, using a notebook or a journal; we do not use computers.
How to Sign Up
For cost and sign up info, please call or text me at 808-640-7087, or email me at And if you’re interested in hosting a workshop in your home or an event space you have (there is no charge for the host), let me know. I’m looking forward to writing with you in Boston!