Big Island Writers’ Workshop

cathiernes-2 Since I brought this workshop to Hawaii in August of 2012, over two hundred women (and a few good men) have formed a beautiful circle of writers who gather to spend the entire day connecting to their authentic writing voice. And now, with the workshop traveling to Los Angeles, Carmel, Boston, and other locations, news group of writers have joined this circle. Other cities to follow!

In all of the workshops we write on our own, using prompts that I give, and then we come together to share our stories and speak back each other’s words. It has been a profoundly moving experience for me, and I continue to marvel at the words that are written and shared in these workshops.

The writing of each individual informs the group, and as a result the collective  writing  becomes stronger and goes deeper as the day goes on, and this has been the 13116162_10154176156118188_7056512408962756027_o case at every workshop. This is not a technical how-to writing workshop and there is no critique of the work; we write to connect to our stories and share them with other writers.

Some of the writers are published authors, others are writers who journal and/or blog, and then there are writers who have the desire to write but have not yet found an outlet. We write by hand, using a notebook or a journal; we do not use computers.

A delicious lunch is served in the middle of the afternoon. If this speaks to you, come into our circle and spend a day with us! Each workshop is limited to ten writers (plus me).

Writing in the Waimea afternoon lightcartherine-dogscatherines-4boston1nancyscarmel

The day begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m
. e
mail me at for more pricing and locations. I look forward to writing with you!


Other workshop opportunities:

Big Island Writers’ Workshop:

Hawaii: Kamuela, Hilo, Kona, Volcano

LA, Carmel CA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle.


Upcoming workshops in these new US locations:

NYC, Woodland Park, Colorado; Austin, TX; Houston, TX.

Writers’ Retreats – Volcano Hawaii, Barcelona Spain

More cities to follow!

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