Seattle Layover

At the Seattle Airport yesterday, on a layover, coming back to Hawai’i. A little girl was walking around a Starbucks. Maybe 3 or 4 years old. An older, rather conservative-looking woman, behind me in line, asked the girl where her mommy was, obviously thinking she was wandering around alone. (She wasn’t – her parents were right there in line, watching her.) The girl said, “I don’t have a mommy. I have two daddies.” The woman’s response: “Lucky You.”

And that’s how things have changed. One of her dads swooped her up, seeing she was talking to a stranger, and took her back to the line. He didn’t hear the conversation, but I did. And while “Where’s your mommy?” isn’t a great question as it assumes a lot, the response was great. 

“Lucky you.”

The world now. Better.

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