My boy… a moment at the beach.

And then your son’s head shows up in this picture. Just his head, with his body buried in the sand, on a day he was in Hawaii last month with his childhood friends, before he had to leave to go back to college sooner than you wanted him to. Your son who turned twenty-one earlier this month but still likes to play, like this, and after you stop laughing you realize that you hope he never loses that sense of play because he works really hard… often seems to take on too much… and looking at this, this photo that fills you with love for your boy, both of your children’s lives flash in front of your eyes… did they have good childhoods, did you give them everything they needed to survive in the world? Especially in the world, now. And then you think about the joy of being buried up to your neck in the sand, and how happy he is here, something simple, even silly, like this, and somehow captured in a picture, and you have the strong sense, at least in this moment, that all is well. For today, it is.

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